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'''John McCormack''' may refer to: *John McCormack (tenor) (1884–1945), Irish tenor *John Brendan McCormack (born 1935), Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire *John William McCormack (1891–1980), politician from Massachusetts, Speaker of the House of Representatives, 1962–1971 *John McCormack (Ohio politician), former member of the Ohio House of Representatives *John McCormack (boxer) (1935–2014), Scottish boxer *Young McCormack (born 1944), Irish boxer born John McCormack *John McCormack (baseball), American college baseball coach *John McCormack (Irish footballer) (fl. 1970s–1980s), Irish soccer player *John McCormack (Scottish footballer) (born 1955), Scottish football player and manager *John McCormack (ice hockey) (born 1925), Canadian ice hockey player *John McCormack (racing driver), Australian racer *Cec McCormack (John Cecil McCormack, 1922–1995), English...
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